June, 2013

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O’Eeliya: New Communities

@OEeliya .When great Beings, like you and like me, focus for even a little bit and hold in our heart a great possibility and flow into that possibility the emotion, then it draws to us, to you, to me, the substance of the cosmos.#O’Eeliya,#New Communities

O’Eeliya: New Communities

@OEeliya.You have been lost in the darkness and forgot that you are God. And now is the time to awaken. #O’Eeliya,#New Communities,

Organizing New Communities

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  There is a question of “how do these new communities get organized?” Begin to imagine even now in your life, there are those you communicate with. Begin to entertain the possibility of people coming together to accomplish something in your community. #O’Eeliya. Private Appts available

Kinds of People in New Communities

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  There are only certain groups of people that are going to be able to move into these new communities, to be able to think or consider even existing in these new communities. For a little while as this planet goes through its transformation there will be small pocketsRead More…

New Communities With Only Love

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  Don’t let your mind get involved, please. When there is only love and no judgment there is no need to be separate. There is no need to say this is mine and this is yours. You can’t have mine unless I want to give it to you. AndRead More…

New Communities With No Judgments

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  When you stand tall within you, the Being of love that you are, and you have no judgments of yourself, there is no judgment to be had about the others. When no judgments exist among people, there is peace. There is cooperation. There is listening and sharing andRead More…

Where are the New Communitites

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  These new communities will begin to pop up in different places. They are beginning amongst that which already exists. They are also beginning to pop up in places where things do not already exist… new land, new towns, new communities, peoples moving to new places on the planet,Read More…

New Communities Reaching Out

#NewCommunities @OEeliya:  It is already beginning to happen that there are those that reach out to their neighbors in ways that they have never done before or to their communities in ways that they haven’t done before, in order to bring more open communication that is heartfelt, to bring toRead More…

O’Eeliya recording of teleconference May 31, 2013

Listen to this wonderful teleconference of  O’Eeliya explaining Power of  Fear vs. Power of Joy. http://snd.sc/16IrlNs Join us for the next complimentary teleconference June 28th at 7pm cdt.

New Communities Being Created

#NewCommunities @OEeliya: These New Communities are already being created. They are being created by those wishing for life to be easier. They are wishing for life to be more simple. They are wishing for more justice, for more peacefulness, for more lovingness. They are wishing for more safety in theirRead More…