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New way of being in community

“The new communities are beginning to form around the earth. Among all of the individuals, each one of them knows that they must love themselves. That they must take care of their own body. That they must be responsible for their own life, and the life of the children andRead More…

Create with trained thoughts

Once you are automatically having this conversation with your mind and body consistently, it will be easier to focus on what you desire. By accomplishing this relationship with your mind and body, you inevitably raise the vibration in your body, which then allows faster manifestation of your desires. Creating newRead More…

Life happens because of your desires

Today affirm: The expression and experience of life happens BECAUSE of my desire that is ever changing and evolving. As a creative Being, I and my soul are always questing for the next rewarding and delightful experience. ~ #O’Eeliya

Creator pours into the expression of Life

Creation/ Creator is constantly and eternally pouring into Life the expression of life as desired and directed by me, the Divine Presence of Life in this reality. ! #O’Eeliya

Learn to Create like Source

O’Eeliya: By being the connection to, director of and filter for the Source of Life, I learn to create for and as the Source of all things. I stand in Life AS the Divine Presence of Life in this reality.

Walking In Love

You walk the Earth consciously through love. The Earth feels it. It allows within itself a quickening. It causes the transformation to begin within all of the cells of the Earth and it causes a chain reaction just like the air and just like the water.

Intentional Practice

The more you practice intentional focus, the more you will notice things that you have never noticed before in your world. As you practice it on something that is easy for you to focus on and you can hold that focus longer and longer and longer and longer. Then whenRead More…

Becoming a Being of Knowingness

It is easier, you see, at this time to be aware of the denser energies. Becoming aware of the traumas and the travesties and the disasters somewhere else on the planet or even some individuals that are in your vicinity is more and more possible, because those lower vibrational patternsRead More…

Meditation for Connecting with Self and New Community (2)

#O’Eeliya    Together that is what you see in each other. That’s what you feel in each other. That’s what you speak to in each other. And the honoring of one to other is so apparent. There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no hesitancy. There’s no mind chatter, nothing.Read More…

Meditation for Connecting with Self and New Community (1)

#O’Eeliya It is within your very own hearts that this possibility exists and that is the only  place. It cannot be found outside in the world. In actuality it cannot be found in  relationship, in anything except yourself. So if you will please breathe deeply into your own heart. AllowRead More…