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Creator extends itself

Creator/ Source extends Itself into infinite expressions that desire infinite experiences and creations. We ARE those infinite expressions. Our desires and impulses to create become the filter and flow of creative source that enhance and expand creation. As the Divine Presence of Life and Creation, we constantly create and manifestRead More…

Divine Presence moves as and through me

The Divine Presence of Life shows up everywhere. This reality cannot exist without it. As projections of Source, we are the way and the designers of how Divine Life shows up in this reality. We imagine and desire beautiful, as well as ugly, experiences and creations. Then we add ourRead More…

Shift your perceptions

Affirmation: In the realization and actualization that I am the Divine Presence of Life in this reality, my perceptions shift into being the Director of Creative Energy rather than being at the effect of life that just happens. ~ #O’Eeliya

Create peace in your reality

Reaching for the clarity and realization that I am the Divine Presence of Life in this reality brings to me the “peace that passes all understanding”. ~ #O’Eeliya

Creation flows through me

I love feeling the love for life that moves through me and my body when I consciously allow creation to flow through me. ~ #O’Eeliya

Creation supports my desires

Today’s affirmation: I know I am flowing creation through me when I feel exhilarated, excited, enthusiastic, fulfilled and at peace. I imagine Creator/ Source to completely supporting my desires and “patting” me on the back when I feel like this. ~ #O’Eeliya

Focus on what brings you joy

I am more and more excited about focusing purely on what brings me joy, happiness, fulfilled and excitement for life. It is so satisfying to perceive Life manifesting through me, not to me. This kind of focus is the result of having control of the mind and training the mindRead More…

Joyfully focus on what you desire

Affirm: I like noticing the experiences that bring me joy and how they multiple the more I focus clearly upon them. I like being more aware of how my thoughts, emotions and actions create more of what I enjoy. Since my presence in life is adding to the creation ofRead More…

Life happens because of your desires

Today affirm: The expression and experience of life happens BECAUSE of my desire that is ever changing and evolving. As a creative Being, I and my soul are always questing for the next rewarding and delightful experience. ~ #O’Eeliya

Creator pours into the expression of Life

Creation/ Creator is constantly and eternally pouring into Life the expression of life as desired and directed by me, the Divine Presence of Life in this reality. ! #O’Eeliya