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Dr. Cassandra Campbell

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

I am happy you are here. My passion is the upliftment of consciousness for all of us. There are many ways and many paths
available to all of us at this auspicious time on our beautiful planet.

Within this web presence there are several things for you to look at and enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you with your comments and additions to conversations about our changing world, relationships and economy on my blog. Come often to see additional things.

My newsletter is Our Community Voices. It is published at various times and for different reasons. You can find resources and people with similar visions through the newsletter. Every edition is sent with sincere hope that your life will be enriched. Please become a part of this community by signing up here:

I am co-owner of Campden Enterprises LLC. Our vision is creating Conscious Culture where people build all kinds of communities and connections based on authenticity, integrity and transparency.

As a teenager I became interested in all the many philosophical belief systems around the planet. I later learned about meditation, yoga and other ancient practices over the years.

I returned to graduate school in 1975 for a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Texas Women’s University and in 1989 for a Doctorate Degree in Psychology and Spirituality at Walden University. I became a certified minister in 1999. I continued to search for the methods that would include the whole person – body, mind, spirit.

I have had a private practice since 1977. I have worked as a counselor, psychologist, family therapist and program director in four different hospitals and treatment centers. I have presented workshops and seminars in many settings over those years.

I was led to a source of great inspiration and also began practicing an energetic personal transformation process in 1997 and facilitating those classes in 1998. Beginning in 2002, I was being urged to include heart connection meditations and gather more scientific evidence to support this kind of work. My urgings lead me to HeartMath, Inc., Gregg Braden, Eckert Tolle, Paul Pearsall, and others. This added component made it easier for people to integrate the new energies and vibrations that occur from these processes.

As of 2002, I had presented classes and workshops in eight states and in Australia. My team and I have presented at two International Energy Psychology Conferences in 2001 and 2002. With the combinations of other works and my own inner guidance, I developed processes that expanded everything. Since September 2003 I have received inspired wisdoms to be shared in specific events.

My soul is nurtured by being in nature with the trees, the creatures, the water and the earth. I am fortunate that I live away from the city on a hillside near a river. I am grateful for every moment of my life now.

To find out more about Dr. Campbell and her work please visit her at   http://ccampbellphd.com