O’Eeliya is an Ascended Master that is the Head of the Atlantean Council before the “fall from grace” and the fall of Atlantis. He has come to us at this time as a channeled Being to guide us and offer His love as we move from the old world into this New Age of Enlightenment.

“My journey has been one of many eons that began at the beginning of creation. I have taken many forms in many realities on many planets and spent my time immersed in the density of unlove, unconsciousness, and unawareness. My ascension came in a lifetime of great disease and isolation.

“I come to you now because I love you. You are the Divine Father and the Holy Mother that must awaken so that creation can expand. I have followed you throughout your experiences in the density and will never leave you. I love you with all my Being.

“I beg you to remember who you are, to love yourself beyond measure, to love your body as your greatest lover, to love your life unconditionally. By loving yourself in this way, you open the doors to heaven within your own life and life of the planet.” ~O’Eeliya

Participants most often say that the love is palatable, that he provides the “feeling” of what transformation feels like so that we can reproduce it, that his chanting changes the cells of the body … and many other reports.

He is actually bringing life substance to the possibilities we wish to manifest; so that it is easier and faster for us to actualize those possibilities. As he speaks and tones, the elements of creation gather into the templates we have already established with our heart’s desires. He also “sees” the incongruencies in our relationships and bodies and guides us with practical, do-able steps to rectify them. Testimonies invariably confirm that His love, wisdom and guidance are accurate and result in positive changes.

We invite you to experience the powerful love of this Being and the great honor and love for you from beyond the veil. All questions of a personal and global nature are welcome. He constantly point us to our knowing and empowerment and path of enlightenment. Some individual and group healings often occur during the open channeling gatherings. Personal testimonials are inspiring. Please read them below.

Private sessions with O’Eeliya are available. Contact Dr. Cassandra Campbell 210-549-8285 or Contact@ConsciousCultureCommunity.com


“I didn’t know what to expect. This was very helpful and enlightening. It confirmed for me some things that I have been feeling. He gave me some very beneficial things to do that will really help with some of the things that I have been struggling with. I now see that this year is going to be easier and I have some tools to make that happen. I WILL do what he recommended. I loved the explanations that he gave of “being with all of the earth” . That will make it easier for me stay centered and calm. I am encouraged that the things that I am desiring are doable this year.” J.W. TX

“This has been REALLY helpful. He helped me know what to do to get out of the rut that I have been in for over a year. Thanks goodness! And the toning was so awesome! I can tell that it opened up something that will make it easier for me to make the changes that I want to make. This has just been wonderful. I am so glad that I had this session.” S.B. Tx

“Everytime I am around O’Eeliya, I cry tears of joy. I have never felt so much love in my life. I am changed since that weekend with you and O’Eeliya.” L.P., Tx

“Cassandra, Thank you so much for this past weekend (with O’Eeliya), it was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had, Thank you. I would love to have a private session with O’Eeliya by phone, if possible.” A.B., Tx
“I could feel the healing occuring as O’Eeliya was clearing the Light and Soul Records. I definitely feel lighter.” L.S., Tx

“The session the my wife and I had with O’Eeliya was fantastic! We thank you and O’Eeliya SO much! Three days after the session, I felt happier than I have ever felt. I even feel happy in my body! I called my wife and she said the same thing. Thank you for the wonderful light work that you are doing!” F.G., Tx

“My two-month old baby had been sick for a month with a serious adult virus. The doctor said she would have a depressed immune system the rest of her life. She was on breathing medicine and treatments. O’Eeliya cleared that from her body within 30 minutes. Two days later the doctor confirmed that she was completely well. I am SO grateful!” W.O., Tx