Ancient Wisdom of Our Bodies

No matter what your body has been through, it sings to you constantly, beautifully, with the sweetness of love for the movement of life … just for you, the Essence of life, the Presence, just you. This body in its love song for you brings to you the greatest love, just waiting for your every wish, listening to every thought, feeling, every emotion. Bringing to you the beauty of all sensations.

Sometimes the song is very quick and lively. And sometimes it is very slow and sweet and calming… All at your beck and call.

Your greatest lover of all times… the body.

Just for a moment allow yourself to feel that, to receive that, … pure love, the ecstasy of life just for you, its greatest lover. Allow it to quicken your heart and your soul and your spirit. And in the sensation of that, send back to your body the sweetest love you can bring from your own heart to your body, as if you are forever lovers, always touching, always moving in life together. And as you give your love to your body and allow yourself to receive the love it gives to you, your body quickens. A vibrancy of life intensifies. The song becomes more and more magnificent. The dance you dance together thrills you more and more. And the exchange of the lovers grows and quickens and intensifies more and more.

Without even knowing it, the two of you are lifting up into the most beauteous experience of life. The love grows and it intensifies. The dance becomes more and more magnificent and the merging of the two lovers excels into the rhythm of life, into the rhythm of life of all living things. The two lovers together moving, dancing, singing their love songs to each other and as life quickens within them, you and your body, you find yourself elevating together into an experience of life that is so light  its as if you are floating. It is so light it is easy to fly … so light … lighter than even the clouds.

Together the two lovers, you and your body rising easier and easier into an ecstatic dance of light and color and sound. With every thought that you have you and your lover move in that direction so easily. You begin to notice that you’re not caught in the density any more. You are floating above the density together. No one is left behind. The sweetness of life becomes SO sweet, your heart bursts open. The mind does not even know what to do with this. It is so precious and sweet. You and your lover together.

The ecstatic dance of life … moving, flowing wherever you want to go. You think about being on that star and you’re on that star. You think about traveling through Milky Way and you’re traveling through the Milky Way. You’re so happy together.

You find a place that is more beautiful than you have ever imagined. And you and your lover together go there and become a part of that for as long as you want. Living, touching, experiencing, laughing dancing, singing love songs to each other and to all of the living things in this place. You are SO happy together. You can’t even remember what that other stuff was. You’re so happy.

All things around you have a quality of light that sparkles. It emanates the essence of the colors of the beingness that is that living thing. You are able to flow with it and touch it and feel it and love it. The more love, you and your lover together, that creates the experience of life. You begin to realize there is no end to this. It is ongoing forever. The music you create for you own pleasure, knowing that you are the God that you are and you have brought with you your most precious lover, your body, to live throughout eternity together. You realize that all those experience in the darkness and density are so far behind they don’t even exist. You have wisdom now to create even grander than you ever did before. You know you can go wherever you want to go, be whatever you want to be, you and your lover together. True freedom. True freedom and joy.

As you experience these things, all of the memory of this goes into your body to be remembered forever. Create for yourself a bridge to that reality as you move gently into your physical body, into the density, knowing that you took your body with you and now you are entering the density again to learn, to know, to be able to take your body with your, because you are now lovers forever and nothing can separate you.