Aquarian Age Communities

The new world IS here. The old world is diminishing very rapidly, becoming almost an afterthought for many already. The new world is so light and so easy and so joyful. It’s time to step into it and allow it into YOU.

Because of the intentions of millions of people on the planet during a particular time span called 8-8-08, Mother Earth awakened in energetics to such an extent that she was able to rise up and embrace those that would allow it with her heart. In all of that whole process the heart of the earth became more alive than it has been since forever ago. She began to shine like a star from her heart. All of the humans, especially all of those that you call Lightworkers and the new ones, became like the facets of that star amplifying her love and her light. As those beings embrace her love and allow  her to touch them and as they hold their hearts open, the earth herself will more and more come up to reach and embrace all humans in their bodies, in their  hearts, in their souls.

In that, all that is not that, all of the anger and the judgment and the negativity will be washed away. That process has already started the washing away of the old negativity, of the old difficulties. The washing away of the hurt and the pain and the suffering is already begun. All you have to do is allow it. You don’t have to work at it any more because the Mother herself with her awakened heart is doing that for you.

What you call the old world of suffering and pain shall begin and has already begun to fade away into nothingness. Like a cloud that once seemed to be SO real is evaporating and you are beginning to see the sun and receive all of the beauty and the love of all that the earth is for she has now walked through HER door of heaven on earth. Many, many humans walked into heaven on earth in this last time you call 8-8-08. And more is coming.

That which you call the beauty and the heaven on earth, the lifting of the clouds or the veils that was called “the way it is”, the old world, that is now diminishing,  will become more and more apparent, familiar, easy. Every day, every month, every time the sun shines the beauty of this planet expands and is now embarking truly on her path of being the most beautiful star in the heavens.

You are here because you knew this was your destiny and your heritage to live in that kind of beauty, that kind of love in human body. That is what has been accomplished.

Indeed. Indeed.   So be aware of the earth rising up to embrace you with her love.

~~~ August 13, 2008