At peace in New Communities

“Please breathe deeply into your own heart. Allow your consciousness, your awareness to feel the presence of the love that is you, of the grandness that is you so sweet and so pure. In moving your awareness into that, allow the breath to dance upon the vision, upon the feelings, upon the sensations that are coming. Allow the breath to bring more and more life, more and more music and song into this potential reality that we call the new communities. As you’re moving with your breath into your own heart, completely sovereign, completely at peace, deep within your own heart where only love exists, where the love of all things begins to rise up within you, the beauty of all things rising up within you from deep within your own soul, the God that you are.” ~ #O’Eeliya

O’Eeliya is available for private conversations and healings. These are remarkable experiences of pure love and transformation. Contact Dr. Campbell at