Health is a reflection of you (2)

“Health is a reflection of you. That is not an easy thing to accept some times. If you have what you call negative emotion, negative thoughts, if you have judgments, if you have anger, if you have even things that you don’t remember that you have, those create little pockets of fire in your body called infection. If they get big enough then it will get your attention. You call that disease because it has killed off enough of the tissue with the infection for you to be noticed.

As always, it is good to take advantage of all that is within your world to help your body. But, the very first place for you to go always is to begin to ask yourself sincerely, “What is it? What thoughts and what emotions am I harboring that would cause this in my body that my body is matching for me so I can experience it through my body; that my body is matching so that I can feel what it is like to have these thoughts and to have these emotions that is what is part of the human experience?” That is one of the reasons you are here. Remember you as the great creator have entered inside your own creation and the way that you do that is with your human body because your human body has all of these senses and all of these ways and experiences and sensations that gives you the experience of that which you have created.” ~ #O’Eeliya

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