Invitation to new communities

” We greatly appreciate that with your consciousness you are willing and able to dream a dream of that which has not existed on this planet before. To move into a place, a time, a moment, a now for grand possibility that you’ve already dreamed deep within your heart, deep within your soul, yearning for the perfection of the experience of humanness, together, consciousness, oneness, known by many names in the dreaming of that which has not been, but is always possible.

There are those on this planet that have that ability to reach into that possibility. As we find them, invite them into the realization the coming together of the reality, of the possibility of a livingness, of beingness together in such peace and such beauty.

It is within your very own hearts that this possibility exists and that is the only place. It cannot be found outside in the world. In actuality it cannot be found in relationship, in anything except yourself.” ~ #O’Eeliya

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