Optimal Health

“The grid for optimum health: That is what we have been speaking of. The body is designed and has within it a knowledge, a knowingness, and a consciousness of what it takes for it to be perfectly healthy and balanced and live that way forever. You can call that a grid. You can call that a consciousness. You can call it a template. You can call it the divine design of your body. As you contemplate that and you begin to feel that in your body, your body will begin to match it for you. If you need to speak to someone or have someone else talk to you and give you some moment of what that feels like, then you do that because it gives you a reference point to go back to over and over and over and over. ~#O’Eeliya

O’Eeliya is available for private conversations and healings. These are remarkable experiences of pure love and transformation. Contact Dr. Campbell at oeeliya@ccampbellphd.com