Planetary Connection


We are connected to all things.  Life is vibration.

Planetary Enlightenment ~  from Health 07/2006


Healing must rise so that which is upon it rises into a place of joy and happiness and compassion and peace.


If you would please, create an image for yourself of this beautiful planet, in all of its grandness and grandeur and beauty, for this is the place that you all and many others created some of the most beauteous things in all of creation.  In your imaging there is a place within this planet that is an open wound and it is very hot  with fever and infection for many of the great toxins and infections that have been placed upon the planet are being focused in that part of the world – even the planet itself is reacting to it.


As we have said before, the ocean floors – particularly the Indian Ocean – are quite alive. That has just occurred in the last day or so. Imagine in your mind and in your heart that this wound that is so hot with fever and that you have like a sweet rain or a sweet, calming balm that can be placed upon and around it. A sweet rain or a calming, cooling balm of some kind can be placed upon and around this place on your planet that is so full of infection. You know of what we speak. It is the war in the Middle East. It also has to do with your United States. Right now it is alive with fever and the sweet rain and this cooling balm is allowing it to cool, to cool and to calm, and the fever begins to leave. It gets cooler and easier and more peaceful. The tissues and the cells all begin to calm down and the fever begins to leave. It evaporates as a sweet, soothing rain or a balm is pulling that out of it and calming it down. We continue to apply that until all of the heat has come from the earth and it is soft. It is soft; it is soft. It is peaceful. It is cool. The fire is leaving and it is cool. The fire is leaving and it is cool. It is done. The fire is gone. It is done. It is sweet rain that takes the fire away. It is sweet, calming balm that takes the heat away. It has taken it away and it is done.  All of the cells are peaceful again. The infection has been lifted out of it and it begins to heal. Deep into the earth it begins to heal. The healing is all of the cells being sweet and peaceful and cool and whole and beginning to cooperate again and beginning to communicate with each other in a way that all of the tissues form a brand new life that begins to exist where the infection once was and no longer is. Know within you own consciousness that in the being of this and in the participating with this that you have connected your own consciousness and your own heart with thousands and thousands of others that are doing exactly the same thing on this day to lift the infection and the heat from the earth at that point and it is done. Know with all certainty that it is done. It is cool. It is calm. It is peaceful.  It is beginning to create new life. There it settles down and takes a deep breath – even the earth itself can breathe. Thank you very much; thank you very much.

It is individuals and souls like you that are crucial now. What is crucial is that you know with all certainty that the earth has healed itself; that all parts of the world that have infection are releasing the infection and becoming peaceful and calm and cool with sweet coolness that allows the planet then to move easily into its new life, into its new light, and that all that exists upon it moves easily into the new light also. That is you and that is all of the plants and all of the animals and all of the waters – the sweet waters of this planet; the sweet waters within your own body.