Supportive Tools

The following items have been recommended as very supportive during tumultuous times of change.  Breathe deep, Breathe often and tell your body, mind and soul how much you love and value it.  Forgive yourself for any misgivings and focus on how you want your life to be (in a positive stance).

Find relaxation and wellness through the vibrational support of Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living Essential Oils

Vibrational Love








One item that we personally have found rejuvenation is Akea Essentials.  We take it daily and often when traveling we will take it 2 or 3 times a day.

Essential Fuel

Essential Fuel








Many people walk around feeling tired and spacey.  Often this is due to dehydration and poor mineral consumption.

Here are some suggestions on shifting that.

If you sit for long hours during the day, maybe going from meeting to meeting or client to client, your body slowly gets trained to move less.  Moving less causes many issues like lymphatic congestion, lack of energy, stiff joints, poor posture and a myriad of other symptoms that gradually sneak up on you.

Each day try to take a short walk at least every hour, even if it is just to the water cooler or restroom.  Allow yourself to sit in the sunshine, preferably outside but if you can only do it in front of a window so be it.  Love your body, it is part of you.  Pay attention to what you say to your body.  Would you allow someone to come up to you and speak the words you are telling yourself?  If not then perhaps you could change your dialogue with yourself.

Actively Train Your Mind through mindful practice. Personal Vibrations can assist you in doing this.  Try a FREE Chapter on US!

Create Your Hearts Desire

Create Your Hearts Desire