What can help your body

“There are many ways to help your body. There are many ways to recognize what you harbor within yourself that is, as you would call, the source of what your body is doing and all of them work together to some degree. They will work a little bit if you are not particularly interested in getting to the very source of it, but you want someone else to fix it. That is all right. You see what happens when someone else can give your body a little bit of a rest or can take from your body something that is causing a great disturbance in your body, then it gives you and your body a chance to take a nice, deep breath and to take a rest and to take a look at what it is you have been thinking and feeling.

So, it gives you a moment of breathing and that is good. If you take that moment consciously and sincerely ask, ‘What am I harboring I didn’t even know I was harboring? What are the thoughts? What are the emotions? What are the judgments that could possibly cause my body to be the match for; so that my body doesn’t have to do this anymore?”

If it requires for you to use all of your oils and your crystals and those who have these wondrous abilities to heal with their hands and with their minds, that is good. It is simply a doorway. It gives you an opportunity to look at it differently; to experience yourself differently. In the accepting and the receiving of those gifts from others, from your oils, from your stones, from your crystals, from your machines, if you can feel great gratitude and receive it and receive it and receive it into your heart and into your body and know completely that you are worth, you are worth your body being whole and calm and cool and peaceful again.

Allow yourself the gratitude of that and begin to remember the sweetness of a body that is pure; the sweetness of a body that moves so easily; the sweetness of a body that loves you; that nothing can stop; that completely rejuvenates itself all of the time. And then, you begin to recognize the great creator that you are through your body. You see there are times when the human body is a reflection of the conflict or the battle that you the being is having with something and when you decide to stop the battle or the conflict and allow it to be with grace and light, then your body will stop what it is doing and there will be peace in it again.” ~ #O’Eeliya

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